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Modern Way of Teaching Languages

As far as knowledge of a foreign language is concerned, Hungary is one of the worst when comparing member states of the European Union. Three organizations, with the University of Pannonia among them, have decided to endeavour to improve this statistical data.

As we were informed at the press conference held in the library of the university on Friday, the University of Pannonia, Combit Inc. and LSI Information Technology Learning Centre joined forces in a project aiming at the development of a mobile language teaching centre.

Mr. László Simon, technical manager of Combit Inc. stated they intended to compile a living system which would include separate websites for teachers and students, and applications for mobile phone devices would also be developed. It was mentioned that they have one year to complete the project. We were told that no prototype version would be built of the system, but it would be created using real data.

Dr. Judit Navracsics, director of the Institute of Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching at the university explained that, according to a survey, the students preparing for language exams are facing 4 main problems: lack of money, lack of time, insufficient methodology, and poor levels of motivation. The director of the institute declared that these problems would be solved by the language teaching centre. The lack of money and time will be overcome by applications running on mobile phone devices. Adequate methodology is warranted by customizable features of the system and by many years of experience of the language teaching staff at the university.

On behalf of LSI Information Technology Learning Centre, Mr. Géza Tótszöllősy said the company would carry out the digitization of teaching materials. He mentioned that the vast experience of the company will help them in the preparation of the digitized version of the compiled curriculum. Mr. Géza Tótszöllősy emphasized the importance of motivation. The content development methods of LSI Information Technology Learning Centre will help students to learn languages in this respect, he added.

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