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Project milestones II.

Submitted by Admin - June 25, 2013 - 13:57

The drafts of initial types of teaching materials, suitable for use on mobile (smart) phones also, have been created (lesson types, task types),

The following task types have been defined:

Exercises for developing speaking skills:
• Memorizing words (BRAINSTRAIN)
• Pairs of words (MATCH THE WORDS)
• Find the synonyms (FIND THE SYNONYMS)
• Listen and repeat (LISTEN AND REPEAT)
• Short text expressed in full sentences (ALERT)
• Role play (ROLE PLAY)
• Speaking fluently (SPEAKING)

Exercises for developing skills in understanding written texts:
• Definition cards (WORD DEFINITION)
• Multiple choice (MC)
• Sentence matching (SENTENCE MATCHING)
• Questions and answers (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS)
• Sentence completion by selection (CLOSE TEST)
• Sentence completion by typing in (GAP FILLING)
• Test (TEST)

Exercises for developing writing skills:
• Text correction (EDITOR)
• Word puzzle (JUMBLED WORDS)
• Sentence puzzle (JUMBLED SENTENCE)
• Text puzzle (JUMBLED TEXT)
• Odd man out (ODD MAN OUT)
• Summary of a text (NUTSHELL)
• Essay / composition (WRITING TEST)

Exercises for developing skills in understanding verbal texts:
• Listen and understand MC (PICK-PACK)
• Memorize and identify (VOCAB PREP)
• Identify displayed words in an audio stream (BINGO)
• Questions after listening to a text (TRUE OR FALSE)
• Insert missing words from memory (MEMORY)
• Multiple choice following an audio stream (MC)
• Short answers following an audio stream (SHORT ANSWERS)

Of course, the number of task types will need to be increased later, in order to avoid the exercises getting dull and common. It seems advisable to introduce 5 – 6 new task types, annually.

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