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Project milestones I.

The collection and analysis of samples of conventional teaching materials have been completed.

Based on these results, and on experiences gained earlier using web-based and multimedia teaching material, we can now draw recommendations concerning the contents, forms and methods of future multimedia teaching materials.

Four basic skills were identified which are worth monitoring separately, for each student:
• Speaking skills (SPEAKING)
• Understanding written texts (READING)
• Writing skills (WRITING)
• Understanding verbal texts (LISTENING)

In order to develop each of the above skills, 4 separate lesson-types will be used.

Also, 15 topics have been identified for the classification of current lessons:
1. Personal data, characteristics (family life, place of birth, date of birth, age, gender, family status, citizenship, origin, interests, holidays, friendship, external and internal characteristics of people);
2. Lodging (types and characteristics of lodgings, rooms, furniture, accommodation);
3. Housekeeping, housework;
4. The environment (country, town, place of residence, region, plants, animals, climate, weather, everyday environment protection);
5. Travel and transport (orientation, everyday transport, travelling, public transport, private transport, travelling abroad, travel documents);
6. Travelling abroad (preparations, travel documents, crossing the border, airports, accommodation);
7. Dining (dining, names of foodstuffs, meals and beverages, restaurants, cafés);
8. Shopping, consumer goods (shopping, stores, prices, ways of paying, clothing, tobacco goods, household goods, pharmacy, stationery);
9. Services (mail, telegram, telephone, bank, police, medical service, automobile emergency repair services, petrol station, hiring);
10. Work, job (profession, occupation, working conditions, wages);
11. Schools and education (primary school, secondary school and higher education, qualifications, subjects, examinations, degrees, employment);
12. Leisure time, entertainment (pastime activities, range of interests, attending programmes, movie, theatre, fine arts, sports, radio/television, reading, the press, parties);
13. Health, hygiene (parts of the body, diseases, accidents, emergency services, insurance);
14. Language learning, language knowledge;
15. Current everyday topics (current events, living conditions);

Lessons can also be classified by their levels of difficulty:
• one-star (beginners’ level) – 10 % of the lessons are planned to fall in this category
• two-star (intermediate level) – 80 % of the lessons are planned to fall in this category
• three-star (advanced level) – 10 % of the lessons are planned to fall in this category

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