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Marketing activities

Marketing plays a dominant role in turning the project into a success story, since a high number of private users must be attracted to participate in order to meet the revenue target. The aim of being successful in the market requires significant preparation right from the beginning of the project.

Detailed business plan

In order to realize our ambitions, the business plan needs to be worked out in depth.

Areas requiring elaborate planning:
• exact description of products and services, from customers’ points of view
• list of potential customers and competitors, market analysis
• marketing strategy
• operation and organizational structure of the future operating company

Marketing plan

Components of the marketing plan to be prepared:
• analysis of the offered service (advantages, disadvantages)
• analysis of the economic environment
• analysis of the juridical environment
• determining the target market, target population
• analysis and selection of marketing tools
o online advertising methods
o leaflets
o calls concerning applications or to tender (PR)
o DM letters
o advertisements in the printed press, on the radio or television
o personal retail
o sponsorship
o merchandising
o promotions

Marketing activities

Practical applications of the selected marketing tools.
• preparing information for distribution about the provided services
(photos, descriptions, videos)
• forming a distribution team
• organizing marketing programmes

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