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Tests and feedback

The completed Mobile Language Teaching Centre has to be tested from several aspects.

– Efficiency: the most important role of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre is the efficient support of language learning, by which the highest possible level of language knowledge can be attained with the least amount of effort in a minimum time.

Efficiency is not determined by the functionality of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre alone, but is influenced also by the quality of the applied teaching materials. The combined effect of these will be reflected in the progress of students. Advancement will also be influenced by the aptitude, activity and diligence of the students, but the distortions caused by these conditions will be compensated for by the high number of participants involved in the tests.

Efficiency will be checked by all participants of the project, and also students with various levels of language knowledge (e.g. university students, students preparing for B1, B2, and C1 level language exams) will need to be involved in the tests.

– Reliability: the Mobile Language Teaching Centre will have to operate every day around the clock, since students may call for its services anytime, what’s more, they will do so typically in their spare time. That requires a server system of relatively high availability, with units on standby and options for backup/saving and immediate switch to units on standby while the system is in operation. In this way even software upgrade procedures will not suspend the operation of the system.

–Ergonomics: the system must be easy and convenient to use, students should be loaded only with a minimum burden of operational activities. In order to achieve this, the students’ sites of the Portal and the smart phone applications need to be developed ergonomically on the one hand, on the other hand algorithms on the server side have to attend to user sites as proactively as possible.

– Performance: as far as performance is concerned, the delivered output of the server system, the number of simultaneously processed connections and response times are to be tested on the one hand, and the efficiency of the software procedures evaluated on the other hand. In the latter case, minimization of the required bandwidth of client-server communications is an important factor. This may result in a significant reduction in costs and increase of speed in the case of mobile (smart) phone applications and is also beneficial to cable or microwave internet connections.

While efficiency and ergonomics will need to be tested by all participants, testing of reliability and performance is rather an IT issue which can be performed mainly by the operators of the server system, essentially on the basis of the log files of the servers.

Test results will determine if any modifications are required. The effects of modifications will then be checked by rerunning partial specific tests.

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