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Purchase and installation of hardware devices and software components

The exact specification of the server system can only be defined after the functional design of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre based on an estimate of the expected number of clients, whereas the server system itself is already needed by the project in its early phase, so that development is carried out in the actual system environment.

For a solution, we have decided to define – by making use of our experience of many years in operating server systems with several hundred thousand users, – an initial server configuration that will be able to serve the estimated number of users, yet which is open to later extensions (increasing the number of processors, memory extension, storage extension, inclusion of further server units). With a well-scalable architecture the system is prepared for coping with an unexpected increase in the number of users at a later stage.

We plan to purchase types of servers from which we have gained positive experience over several years.

In the case of software components, we prefer packages available for free (e.g. Linux operating system, Java development kit, LifeRay portal, etc.), nevertheless if the desired reliable, high level performance can only be met by the use of commercial products, we will purchase the desired items.

The installation and setup of software components will be the task of specialists from Combit Inc. with many years of experience. Together with the analysts and developers of Combit Inc., they will also prepare the architectural and operational documentation of the server system, including the documents of instructions for installation, operation, and archiving, as well as of emergency plans.

The process of purchase, installation, set-up and documentation of the server system will run in parallel with the design of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre so that development works can be started right after these.

Concerning the tools on the client side, the development of mobile applications will be done on mobile (smart) phone devices acquired for the developer engineers, on the one hand, and by making use of the simulation tools and development kits available on the web, on the other hand.

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