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Compilation of specifications, planning and scheduling

Before starting the development of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre, several documents of specification need to be compiled:

1. Specification by professional branch of language teaching:

• In which cases (and which languages) is the Mobile Language Teaching Centre to be recommended?
• What are its didactical advantages and disadvantages?
• How is the initial curriculum to be defined based on the results of the placement test?
• How is the curriculum to be adjusted according to results of interim tests?

2. Architectural specification:

• What type of servers and other devices does the system require?
• Where should the servers be installed and operated from?
• What kind of internet connection is required?
• What are the minimum specifications for computers that are to be supported?
(processor speed, memory, screen resolution, operation system, types and version numbers of browsers, operating environment of applications)
• Which telephone types will be supported?

3. Functional specification:

• Registration / Sign in
• Support of student activities
• Deposits into / keeping track of the balance of the tuition fee account
• Selection of language and level of skills
• Taking and evaluation of placement tests
• Taking the lessons
• Completion of tasks, upload of solutions
• Requesting instructor’s solution/assessment
• Requesting consultation with an instructor (offline or online)
• Taking part in a group consultation
• Using the Virtual Classroom
• Requesting the modification of the curriculum for private reasons
• Support of instructor activities
• Uploading teaching materials
• Assessing student answers: querying the task list, task selection, completion of assessment
• Questions from offline consultations: querying the list of questions, question selection, answering the questions
• Provision of online consultations
• Delivering lectures online

Automatic system functions:
o Storing and processing answers to exercises and recording of current level, on a student-by-student basis
o Recommending subsequent lessons on the basis of current level reached by the student
o Decreasing the balance of the account of tuition fees on the basis of services provided for the student
o Increasing the balance of the teacher’s account on the basis of services provided by the instructor

4. Data specification:

• Content specification of teaching materials
• Content specification of data stored about students
• Content specification of data stored about teachers
• Content specification of regulations on defining the curriculum
• List of data to be stored in the central database
• List of data to be stored in the database of the portal

5. Interface specification:

• Format description of teaching materials (format for uploading)
• Format description of connections with mobile (smart) phones
(separately for each type)

6. Specification of operation:

• Organisation of administration, order of registration
• Organisation for accepting proposals of teaching material, order of acceptance
• Organisation for developing teaching materials, and its order of operation
• Order of remuneration for teaching materials uploaded
(by proposers and by developers)
• Order of managing students’ requests (assessments, consultations)
• Order of managing teachers’ requests (accreditation, remuneration)
• Order of operating the server systems

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