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Conditions of use of the Language Teaching Centre

In the initial phase, student volunteers will use the system free of charge. In return, they will be interrogated regularly concerning their opinion about the applications, which will serve as a basis for fine-tuning the system.

Later on, the services of the system will be available for a registration fee (electronic teaching material, automatic corrections / evaluations).

Instructor’s assistance will always be charged to students, yet the amount to be paid is based on the time directly expended on the subject. In the case of consultation for a group, the charged amount will be divided among participants.

Teachers will receive remuneration for their contributions in the compilation of teaching material, for correcting students’ exercises and providing consultations. The technical staff get their earnings on the basis of the number of lesson units created in the database. Keeping the server system in operation also adds to the general costs of the system. The profit of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre will be derived from the difference between the total revenue and overall costs.

A certain amount of teaching material will always be provided for free by The Mobile Language Teaching Centre, in order to let future students get familiar with the learning method. In addition, we also plan to include internet ads and mutual references to other popular websites.

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