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Subject of the project

A server system has been installed to store the teaching materials and students’ performances in its dedicated database. Through the interfaces of its portal, it also provides the students with teaching materials and exercises, and the instructors with students’ answers to exercises requiring manual correction, and with questions and problems asked by the students.

The Mobile Language Teaching Centre evaluates continuously the performances of the students from various aspects. On the basis of these results, students can select the types of lessons that are most appropriate for improving those of their skills which require distinguished attention. Students download the selected lessons via the internet and can then work on them according to their own schedule – an internet connection is no longer required once downloaded.

The system provides the student with automated support, tailored to one’s personal needs. This support is augmented by the aid of the instructors, who can deliver their services through an automated workflow management system. Their services include the personal assessment of students’ answers to exercises they have submitted via the internet or a mobile (smart) phone, as well as direct guidance to students.

Assistance from instructors is delivered to students also by means of multimedia tools, like exchange of messages through the internet, real-time chat, one- or bi-directional audio connections, or video connection.

For the enlargement of the set of teaching materials stored in the database of the system, language teachers may propose the inclusion of suitable multimedia teaching materials. These materials will then be converted to proper formats (suitable for download to mobile smart phones, like in the case of text-type materials), or will be created independently (e.g. in the case of audio recordings and animations) by the technical staff.

In order to make the teaching materials widely available for students, independent of their location and time, applications for mobile (smart) phones with various operational systems (Android, IOS, Windows Mobile) are being developed. These applications provide students with the tools for the download and review of lessons, doing the exercises, automatic checking of completed exercises, and upload of results (and solutions requiring manual / instructor’s corrections) to the Mobile Language Teaching Centre.

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