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The Language Examination Centre of the University of Pannonia

In accordance with the resolution of the Educational Authority (SZIF-XIX-3/2008), the Language Examination Centre of the University of Pannonia started their state-recognized examination activities in English and German languages on September 15, 2009.

The Pannon language examination system meets the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, recommended by the Council of Europe.

English and German language exams can be taken.

• B1 (basic)
• B2 (intermediate)
• C1 (advanced);

The examination system evaluates the levels of both oral (speaking and listening) and written (writing and reading) language proficiencies separately and also combined, hence its complex nature. One can sit an oral exam only, or just a written exam, or both together (complex exam). Accordingly, the candidate may obtain either an oral, written, or complex examination certificate. The complex exam covers oral and written partial exams.

The result of a partial exam can be combined with results of partial exams obtained from other state-recognized language examination centres.

The legislation of language examination currently in effect can be found on the following site:

The decree currently in effect:
“137/2008. (V. 16.) Korm. rendelet az idegennyelvtudást igazoló államilag elismert nyelvvizsgáztatás rendjéről és nyelvvizsga bizonyítványokról.”
(“137/2008. (V. 16.) Decree on the order of state-recognized examinations and language examination certificates testifying command of a foreign language”)

The Language Examination Centre of the University of Pannonia runs about 30 examination sites in 25 towns in Hungary, with one of the sites located at LSI Information Technology Learning Centre. The broad experience of our colleagues in teaching languages plays a key role in the development and operation of the Mobile Language Teaching Centre.

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