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The LSI (Large Scale Integration) Information Technology Learning Centre

The Foundation for the Culture of Application of Microelectronics, with its working organization, the LSI Information Technology Learning Centre, was initiated and organized by Dr. Magda Kovács in 1979. The Foundation was established by 20 Hungarian companies and industrial research institutes for the promotion of the culture of informatics, primarily by means of education. In a short time, LSI has become a widely recognized institution for the mediation of information technology culture in Hungary, for education and particularly for publishing.

In 1992 LSI, in co-operation with SZÁMALK Ltd., founded the Dennis Gabor College, an open college with distance learning facilities. Dr. Magda Kovács, the director general of the college considered “bringing home” the opportunity of learning by means of the national distance educational network, as an important mission of the college.

LSI Information Technology Learning Centre is an accredited training school for adults, with accredited programs. One of the greatest achievements of past years is the construction and opening of the Campus at Bécsi Road, Budapest, where LSI Information Technology Learning Centre is now located, along with two other higher education institutions. As an accredited training school for adults, LSI Information Technology Learning Centre has gained educational experience and practice over several decades in the fields of informatics, language courses and enhancement of corporate efficiency. Our educational activities include both conventional classroom lessons and e-learning methods, as well as content development services. The primary goal of education they provide is to increase employability and the aptness of the labour market.

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