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The Pannon Mobile Language Teaching Centre has been developed in co-operation with three companies, the University of Pannonia, the LSI Information Technology Learning Centre and Combit Inc.
The main goal of the project is to support language learning by providing modern multimedia teaching materials and applications compatible with mobile (smart) phones. This way, students have a free choice when and where they intend to carry on learning.
The multimedia lessons are organized into a menu structure by topics and skill types, so lessons matching one’s immediate interests or demands can easily be selected at any time.
Selected lessons are then downloaded by the tutorial application to the client’s mobile (smart) phone or computer. From that point, the lessons can be viewed and worked on, even without an online internet connection.
A set of exercises is supplied for each lesson. The student’s solutions are either promptly evaluated by the application or sent automatically for assessment by an instructor (e.g. in the case of compositions or audio tracks).
Assessments by instructors are carried out continuously, results are automatically downloaded to the clients’ mobile (smart) phone devices, or can be checked on a computer with an internet connection.
The Centre keeps track of the students’ overall and skill-based performances (speaking skills, writing skills, understanding of verbal texts, understanding of written texts) and of the lessons they have completed. These data can be checked at anytime using a smart phone device or a computer.
To access the services of the Centre requires registration and payment of the tuition fee. According to their current level of language knowledge, students can select from three levels of courses: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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