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LYSTRA is available

The free Lystra app with almost 100 lessons is avalable on the Google play and App Store.

Our multimedia teaching material does not only help you prepare for the language exam of the Pannon Language Exam Center, but also familiarizes you with the task types of most accredited language exams and thus helps you reach the intermediate level faster and easier.
Seven fun games per lesson enable you to improve all four skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) necessary for proficiency in a language.

After downloading a lesson, the application can be used independent of location and Internet connection (even while traveling). The process of completing a lesson can be interrupted and resumed later. Some tasks are corrected automatically while the comprehensive elements (written and oral) are corrected by our qualified language teachers making use of the interactive data exchange. This assessment provides users with continuous feedback regarding their performance.
If you are looking for a constantly improving and expanding application and your aim is to prepare for the language exam - Lysrta has been invented right for you!

Good luck for exam preparation,

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