Closing event

closing event

The closing event and press conference of the project took place on February 5, 2014. The project participants and cooperating partners presented the operation of the application, dubbed Lystra. The application offers a variety of exercises to practice four English skills at three levels in 15 topics.


Project Launch

The launch meeting and press conference of the project took place on January 11, 2013, although several discussions had been held weeks before in order to define the framework, methods and tools of cooperation between the three organizations.

For example, a Dropbox folder has been created by means of which the design documents and definition material are available for review and update in a well-structured form for all members of the project.


LYSTRA is available


The free Lystra app with almost 100 lessons is avalable on the Google play and App Store.

LYSTRA testing


Would you like to learn English in a fun way? Now you can do it with us!
If you have an Android mobile phone, register to be a tester for the Beta version of our language teaching application, coming out soon on the market.

Why is it worth your while?

• You will improve your English with ease

Invitation for the closing event


We are pleased to invite you for the closing event of our project „Creating a mobile language teaching centre”, with the identification number GOP-1.3.1-11/B-2012-0020. The event starts at 9.30am on February 5, 2014.